About the Event

Our flagship annual learning and networking event will create the space to individually and collectively take stock of the progress being made in ‘creating the conditions for an active nation’, and explore the opportunities to use the power of sport and physical activity to transform lives. The programme, which is an exciting mix of keynotes, learning sessions and networking opportunities, is guided by our underpinning principles, and has been designed around the key themes prevalent across the network.

Working in partnership to effect positive change on the wide range of inter-connected factors that influence activity levels, continues to highlight significant opportunities, strengths and challenges. This could be shifts in policy to enable physical activity; the physical environment promoting healthy lifestyles; how organisations collaborate to support people to be active; or the attitudes of individuals within our communities to physical activity. Within the work sits powerful learning about what is changing in our places: what does progress look like? what does it really mean to create the conditions for an active nation? what value is being created by organisations collaborating around this shared purpose? All these topics will be explored in depth throughout the 2 days.

12 months ago the network rebranded to Active Partnerships, seeking to reflect the complexity of our operating environment and the evolving needs of our communities on what it means to be healthy and active and what conditions best enable this lifestyle. The word ‘active’ represents both the broad spectrum of sport and physical activities that we embrace, as well the dynamic nature of how we work to respond to the living systems that we operate in locally. This theme of ‘active’ also presents an opportunity for the workforce across our networks to lead by example. To show that being physically active can be part of your daily routine and be the social norm, and that it is the culture, environment, and the ‘offer’ of physical activity and sport that needs to meet the needs of people’s lives, not the other way round. So please do feel free to wear comfortable clothing and shoes that will enable you to have an active 2 days!

Ahead of the event we will be releasing a series of thought pieces that build on existing conversations and will hopefully help stimulate thinking and consider connections you might want to make at the event.

We look forward to seeing you on 16th and 17th March and if you have any questions in advance, please do get in touch with the event team info@activepartnerships.org.
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