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A range of stakeholders will provide updates on hot topics – further details to follow.

Football’s approach to increasing activity amongst lower socio-economic groups, place by place

The session will set out the latest on Sport England’s Placed based work, the implementation of the Local Football Facility Plans and will explore the opportunity for Active Partnerships, where there is a shared priority, to work collaboratively with football stakeholders on LSEG work.

Who Is It Aimed At?
It is aimed at any Active Partnership which has an identified priority to increase participation amongst their local LSEG audiences.

Patrick Brosnan (Strategic Lead – Football), Stuart Makepeace (Relationship Manager – Football), Sport England.

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Increasing the quality and length of life for people with long-term conditions: a national conversation – getting physical activity support right

Being active supports the health and happiness of individuals, communities and whole populations; in short it improves lives. One in four people in England live with long term limiting illness and this group is more than twice as likely to be inactive as those without a limiting illness.

We know that the system, motivations and barriers to being active are complex and this can be further amplified for people who live with a long-term condition.

So, together, the physical activity sector needs to work differently to enable this group of people navigate the system and access the support they need.

We want to get it right for people with long term conditions and we need your help! Let’s learn from the lived experiences of others and harness the power of our collective insight.

This workshop will ask critical questions as part of a national conversation that aims to explore, understand and reshape the system to improve the experience of physical activity for people with long term conditions so they can live healthier and happier lives.

This session alongside the wider national conversation will support the development of co-produced Guidance for supporting people with long-term conditions in physical activity.

Who Is It Aimed At?
Anyone who is part of the physical activity sector who shares an interest in supporting people with long term conditions to become more active and stay active.

Tess Stone, Project Lead, Clever Together.
Catherine Homer, Research Fellow, National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, Sheffield Hallam University.
Supported by Sport England and Public Health England.

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GoVox: Prioritise the Conversations that Matter

At GoVox our key focus is to help organisations “Prioritise the Conversations that Matter”. Founded in late 2017 following a number of incidents at grass roots sports clubs GoVox has grown to support and facilitate critical conversations in sports (grass roots and elite), schools and corporate environment. The basis is pretty sound, helping support those with a responsibility for a group of people (club members, athletes, students and work teams) identify very quickly, and regularly, who would most benefit from a quick catch up and a conversation (creating time for our people is one of the greatest gifts).

The development of Mental Health 1st Aiders and trained support across organisations is brilliant but with Mental Health and Wellbeing it can often be difficult to know who needs you, and when. GoVox cuts through this challenge and taps into the connected world we live in today.

The GoVox team are all about ‘the conversation’ and they would love the opportunity to share with you their own story and how that has grown to be something quite impactful across a wide range of organisations. As a key partner for the Active Partnerships it would also be great to share specific opportunities and applications where the GoVox technology can support you all in your roles, and get your input as well, so please come and join the team and lets “Prioritise the Conversation that Matters” today.

Richard Lucas, CEO & Co-founder, govox.co.uk

Website: govox.co.uk

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Growing Leadership

A CLOSED SESSION for delegates who have attended one of the previous ten LGA/Sport England officer leadership programmes. The quick connect session is an opportunity to meet up with colleagues who have attended the programmes and Deep Dives at different times throughout the last 18 months to share and reflect on the experiences of using the learning and explore how this leadership activity can be further developed and potentially expanded.

Ruth Alleyne, Sport England & Maria Reader, Sport England

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Introducing mayathon – healthier and happier together, 26 minutes at a time.

In this session, you’ll hear all about mayathon – a new initiative for 2020 to help people get active and feel healthier and happier. Learn more about the challenge itself (which will run from 1 May to 26 May), the unique buddy system, the simple and engaging app, and the free marketing toolkit to help promote it.

With SKY as the official UK & Ireland media partner; a major sport national governing body getting behind it; and large organisations and corporates signed-up to participate, mayathon is something you can easily get involved with and use to get your area healthier and happier! Come along and find out more.

Ian Malcolm (co-founder) & Cat Rowlands (account manager), Mayathon Social Enterprise

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Improving health & outcomes through physical activity: National Moving Healthcare Professionals Programme (MHPP) 

The MHPP is a national programme led by PHE and Sport England to support the healthcare workforce to increase their knowledge and skills and change their clinical practice to incorporate physical activity within routine care.

Recognised by the World Health Organisation as good practice, a second, three-year programme was launched in the Government’s Prevention Green Paper. The programme, now in Phase Two of delivery, provides free evidence-based peer training and practical resources to support healthcare professionals across their career, in basic training and continuing professional development.

Who is the session for?
Active Partnership staff linked to the health agenda.

Matthew Hughes Short, Public Health England

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Living Streets

We are Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking. We want a nation where walking is the natural choice for everyday local journeys. Our mission is to achieve a better walking environment and inspire people to walk more. Progress starts here: one street, one school, one step at a time.

Living Streets will discuss why changing children’s travel behaviour is vital to improved public health and how their flagship behaviour-change programme for children’s travel in schools, WOW, the year-round walk to school challenge, is helping to achieve this.

To be confirmed

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Mantle – The relationship management aide for non-profits

Tackling inactivity by embracing software for tracking, measuring and reporting the impact of activity within communities.

Mantle is a relationship management software tool designed and developed in collaboration with Active Sport Partnerships for non-profit organisations. The app enables you to track, share and report on the impact of all activity within your network and communities. We will be demonstrating the ways in which adopting technology can boost productivity and promote adherence to the ‘tackling inactivity’ design principles by aiding the development of quality relationships, measuring impact in communities and tracking behavioural changes.

Who is it for?
Active Sports Partnerships and non-profit organisations looking to understand, evolve and demonstrate the impact of their activity within their communities and networks.

Sean Naylor, Project Manager, Hut Forty Two, mantle.app

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Mind’s Regional Networks: what are they and how can I get involved?

A short session providing an overview of Mind’s Regional Network programme and what it aims to achieve. The session will also provide information on how to get involved and an opportunity to meet some of the Hubs (lead organisations for each Regional Network).

  • Overview of our Regional Networks and what they aim to do
  • Introduce Regional Network Hubs
  • Information on how other APs can get involved and dates for the first meetings

Karla Burton and Regional Network Hubs
Related Links: Click here to find out more

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Modeshift STARS: Supporting opportunities for active and sustainable travel

Modeshift STARS is the Centre of Excellence for the delivery of Effective Travel Plans in Education, Business and Community settings. The scheme recognises schools, businesses and other organisations that have shown excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel. This presentation will provide an overview of the Modeshift STARS schemes and explain the role that Effective Travel Plans have in increasing levels of physical activity, improving Air Quality, tackling congestion and enhancing Road Safety.

Who is the presentation aimed at? (ideal audience member within the Active Partnerships)

The presentation is aimed at delegates that are trying to increase levels of physical activity in schools, business and community settings.

Adam Walker – Marketing and Communications Modeshift STARS,
Nick Butler – Modeshift STARS Accreditation Manager


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OpenActive – who’s doing what, and how can you benefit?

The session will cover some examples of the latest work Active Partnerships have done with OpenActive, the benefits, and how your Active Partnership can get involved to benefit your local communities.

Who it is aimed at?
Any Active Partnership who wants to find out more about OpenActive, and how open data can benefit their organisation and community, with examples.

Tara Lee, OpenActive Engagement Lead, The Open Data Institute


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Played – Open data partner offer

Played creates digital products which make it easy for local residents to find and book physical activity online, gives local operators a platform to promote their activities and allows you to gain insights. We work with our partners to digitally transform their local physical activity landscapes and promote physical activity 2.0. Our software is targeted at the inactive part of the population and we are constantly improving and evolving our product to best engage that demographic.
Example project with London Sport’s Activity Finder

Who is it aimed at?
Our software is aimed at organisations who want to encourage their audiences to be active. We work directly with Active Partnerships and Local Authority partners to help remove the technological barrier to sport participation.

Tom Marley, Managing Director, Played

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Practical tools to support your Active Partnership to better understand mental health

For organisations
Every Active Partnership will receive a pack including:

  • Mental Health Awareness for Sport & Physical Activity eLearning license(s)
  • Thriving at work for the sport & physical activity sector
  • CARE poster & goodies to help with 5 Ways to Wellbeing
  • Get Set to Go updates and findings
  • Good practice/case studies

For individuals:
Write your own Wellness Action Plan (WAP) station and gifts to help you relax

Sam Perks, Mind, Sector Support Lead for Physical Activity

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Our innovative PopUpArena Mobile System consists of components that can be used independently or together to deliver a temporary popup facility for multi-sport activities TRANSFORMING grey or green public spaces. Available to HIRE for a day or for PURCHASE, our imaginative and pragmatic team will work with you and your partnership to configure relevant popup facilities designed for quick turnaround events within your community, either indoor or outdoor.

Over ten years operating across the public sector on local and nationwide sports programmes, we have worked with NGB’s, Sport for Development Charities, City and Borough Councils, Local Authorities, Universities, Colleges, Schools and Event Organisers, all of whom have appreciated our high production values, practical approach and unique facilities.

Guy Bracewell, Director
Website: popuparena.com

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Workplace Wellbeing

We support and consult organisations to sustainably improve their employee’s health, happiness and work through bespoke wellbeing. Speak to us to find out how we can support your Active Partnership’s workplace wellbeing/activity initiatives and workshops. 

Our Current Work with Active Partnerships:
With the launch of the new national Active Partnership initiative Workplace Movement, we are going to support with the running of the workshops across England. If you are an Active Partnership that would like to run the workshops and can’t do this fully internally, we can help! We are also currently partnered with Greater Sport (Greater Manchester’s Active Partnership) through their Active Workplace Toolkit, offering our full suite of services to their local workplaces to supplement their internal offers. 

Our Other Services: 

  • Workplace Wellbeing Consulting
  • Bespoke Workplace Wellbeing Workshops
  • Individual Wellbeing Support

Holistic Approach: 
We take a holistic four-pronged approach to wellbeing, focusing on: mental health, physical activity, sleep, and nutrition. Some of our previous clients include: Priory Group’s Kneesworth House, Metro Bank, Loughborough University, WeWork, and start-ups such as Mentor Collective and Culture Trip.

Khalil Rener, Director and Wellbeing Consultant – khalil.rener@renerwellbeing.com.
Website: www.renerwellbeing.com

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Exploring the Clubs Landscape – Introduction to Clubs Segmentation

The modern day sports club has the potential to be so much to so many people, but with changing habits and priorities where do they fit into the future? Framed by the new Sport England Clubs Plan, this workshop will begin to explore and test some of the different club types that we have found through our Club Persona research and digest what this means for supporting clubs and organisations locally.

Who is it for?

Workforce leads, Satellite Club leads, Community leads.

Rosie Benson (Head of Clubs) and Niall Judge (Development Manager), Sport England

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Swim England’s Water Wellbeing – creating an inclusive, accessible aquatic customer experience for inactive people and particularly those with long term conditions or impairments

We will outline the Water Wellbeing model which focuses on ways to increase uptake by inactive people with long term conditions or impairments with the aim of improving their physical and mental wellbeing and their experience of accessing a pool.

Water Wellbeing is not just a programme, it is about culture change and creating accessible customer experiences across England . We will showcase some of the new acquatic innovations alongside tailoring more traditional aquatic activity to this audience including the development of the leisure workforce to meet the needs of the inactive population.

With the increase in Social Prescribing across England we will explore how APs can support the development of Water Wellbeing through their knowledge of the regional and local networks.

Who is it aimed at?
Active Partnerships looking to tackle inactivity amongst those with or at risk of long term health conditions or who have a disability. Those who have relationships/dialogue with anyone who owns and/or operates swimming pools.

Elaine McNish, Head of Health and Wellbeing at Swim England and (tbc).

Relevant resources/links): We have recently created our Value of Swimming report (click here for details), which highlights the benefits of swimming including the health savings to the NHS across multiple conditions. The Health Commission for Swimming also released a comprehensive evidence review in 2018 of the benefits of swimming (click here for details)


Optional additional Quick Connect – Monday 16 March 5.30pm-6.30pm in the swimming pool complex

Title: Intelligent-Aquatics. How AI creates personally tailored water rehabilitation 

Description: Good Boost is social enterprise transforming pools to therapeutic spaces using artificial intelligence technology on waterproof tablets

Who is it aimed at? Anyone looking for exercise options for people living with long-term health conditions and ways to maximize swimming pool utilisation. 

Facilitators: Ben Wilkins, CEO, Good Boost

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This Girl Can – how to drive women to “on the ground” activity

The This Girl Can team ran a comprehensive test on social media to identify the best methods of getting women to activities and events. In this session we will be sharing the results which are entirely designed to help our partners in the sports sector improve their efficiency and drive more women to give it a go. We will also share their upcoming plans for the year including details of the new This Girl Can Fitness Class and the Netflix-style workout platform for teen girls in schools.

Who is it aimed at?
Anyone interested in galvanising the women in their area in order to close the gender gap.

Frances Drury, Senior Marketing Activation Manager, Sport England.

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Sport England Knowledge Hub

An opportunity to chat with the Sport England Active Partnership Team about the Knowledge Hub. The team will run through the functions of the new information platform and answer any queries you may have.

Katie Higson, Project Officer, Active Partnerships Team

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Insurance for Amateur Sport and Recreation clubs.  Choose Howden for our full service wraparound including claims support and advocacy from sport risk experts; tailored risk management tools and 24 hour Legal and stress helplines. Adding value to membership base is core to your business success. Involving Howden will make it happen.

Facilitator(s): Kate Awmack, Business Development Executive, Sport, Recreation, Equine and Contingency, M +44 (0)7706 299563

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Workplace Movement

Overview of the new workplace offer for the network, Workplace Movement. Discussion on what Workplace Movement includes, how your Active Partnership can use the new service and how to maximise engagement in workplace wellbeing in your area.

Who is it for?
Workplace leads and any colleagues interested in workplace wellbeing

Facilitator(s): Matt Liggins, Head of Business Development, Active Partnerships national team

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Sported – Who are they and what do they do and how they can help in our Active Partnership?

Sported help community groups survive, to help young people thrive, and supports almost 3,000 amazing community groups that use the power of sport to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people.

We will provide you with an overview of Sported’s Regional Networks and share with you how we can work with Active Partnerships to connect you with groups and organisations that often don’t engage.

This session will:

  • Outline the services we offer to community groups
  • Introduce you to our programmes and how they can help you deliver against your targets
  • Create an opportunity to arrange a first meeting with our Regional Managers

Nicola Walker (CEO Sported) Helen Clayton (Partnerships Manager)
Website: www.sported.org.uk

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Activmob CIC – Understanding the hearts and minds of our audience

Getting into the world of our audience, and really understanding both our communities and local environment is key if we are to influence or change behaviour.

We spend our time involving, living, experiencing and doing with real people, working across the country tackling some of the toughest topics with amazing results.

Our work blends asset based community development, whole systems approaches and design thinking to ensure we can create real sustainable change.

Our work around the Activity:

We cannot look at this topic in isolation, nor can we make a difference on our own. Un-surprisingly activity and being active has been a real feature within work around Men’s Mental health, Obesity whole systems, Maternity care, end of life and Employee Active Travel to name a few.

More recently we have undertaken specific work with a local Active Partnership to understand how they can best enable behaviour change across three different types of communities.

Let’s talk!

Facilitator(s): Joanne Pullen-Fagg- Founding Director/Owner
Caroline Hooper- Founding Director/Owner

Website: www.activmob.org

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VS Group

VS Group is an award-winning Technology and Charity Telecoms provider. At the foundation of our business is the desire to help charities – saving on average 30% on their current technology spend. We have worked with some of the largest names in the UK Charity Sector, such as MenCap, Citizens Advice Bureau and Mind; saving them millions of pounds.

There are few other telecommunication companies that have the same understanding of the Third Sector as we do, which is firmly embedded into the heart of our processes and considerations.

Our work drives efficiencies and optimises running processes to save our charities time and money, allowing them to reinvest back into the good work that they do.

We’ve helped over 300 charities and counting, to do just that!

Website: vsgcomms.com

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About Wexer

As a digital fitness market leader, our mission at Wexer is to make world-class exercise accessible to more people through the use of technology – at the same time ensuring traditional fitness operators remain at the very heart of this experience.

About Wexer

As a digital fitness market leader, our mission at Wexer is to make world-class exercise accessible to everyone by harnessing the power of technology – at the same time ensuring traditional fitness operators remain at the very heart of this experience.

Our technology creates a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. It enhances our clients’ in-facility products and experiences; it broadens the audience for their expertise, talent and programming via new ‘always-on’ channels; and it enables every user touchpoint to be shaped by data and personalised insight.

Our technology isn’t there to replace operators. It’s a vital tool to guarantee their future.

The Wexer mission

To make world-class exercise accessible to everyone by harnessing the power of technology.

As a digital fitness market leader, our mission at Wexer is to make world-class exercise accessible to everyone by harnessing the power of technology.  Our technology creates a bridge between the digital and physical worlds – enhancing our clients’ in-facility products and experiences.

Facilitator(s): Ross Payne (European Business Development Manager, Wexer)

Website: www.wexer.com




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Microtrading – Protect your Partnership through empowering your staff

Microtrading is the leading IT support provider to the UK’s sports and recreation industry, working for several Active Partnerships including; Get Berkshire Active, Active Oxfordshire, Active Partners Trust and Energise Me. Over the past 20 years of working within this sector, Microtrading has gained unrivalled experience and expertise in delivering IT support and services that truly make a difference to your organisation and the way it operates. Senior Business Advisor, Andy McLellan will be attending the upcoming Active Partnerships Convention and will be on hand at the Networking Breakfast to answer any of your questions regarding your IT requirements and strategy, including:

  • Cloud computing and hosting services
  • IT security
  • Hardware and software
  • Consultancy and training
  • Fully managed IT support

Special discounts on our Managed IT Support Services are available to Active Partnerships members.

After breakfast we will be running two “Quick Connect” sessions on how you can “Protect your Partnership by empowering your staff” with regular and up-to-date Cyber Security Awareness Training.

Cybercriminals are targeting unsuspecting staff as a method of gaining access to sensitive personal information, such as credit card details and login credentials, and even an organisations network. Using tactics, such as phishing attacks, cybercriminals deceive users into supplying login details that can provide the key to your systems and data.

If you want a secure and productive Partnership, you need to address the biggest risk of all – human error. By improving security awareness, we can empower you and your team in the fight against cybercrime and reduce the likelihood of a breach.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Facilitator  Andy Mclellan – Senior Business Advisor – Microtrading Ltd


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The Sports Governance Academy

The Sports Governance Academy is the governance support hub for the sports and physical activity sector. We help everyone leading, working and volunteering in sports organisations to develop good governance because we are passionate about the role it plays in enabling the success of individual organisations and the sector as a whole.

Our goal is to improve the standard of governance in sport and physical activity organisations in England by supporting, developing and connecting the people who work with, and have an interest in governance in sport. Our services are designed to meet the diverse needs of an audience that includes governance professionals, those with governance responsibilities as part of their role, chief executives, board members and everyone who has an interest in improving the way their organisation operates.

The SGA aims to demystify governance and help organisations respond effectively to the growing governance challenges and opportunities the sector faces. We want people at all levels in sport and physical activity organisations to understand the benefits of good governance, and to inspire and support them to develop the skills and confidence to put good governance practice into action in their organisations, such that it becomes embedded in their culture.

Our unique platform for governance support is provided by The Chartered Governance Institute in partnership with Sport England. Our partnership is built on:

  • a shared commitment to champion good governance to enable organisations to be successful; and
  • a common goal to develop the skills, experience, resources and networks that people involved in the sport and physical activity sector need to help their organisations be successful.

The SGA training, events and board development programmes are targeted at organisations who receive funding from Sport England or UK Sport and are required to comply with Tier 2 or Tier 3 of the Code for Sports Governance. The SGA’s resource base is open to all with an interest in governance in the sports sector.

Facilitator: Craig Beeston, SGA Programme Manager, ICSA & Joy Johnston, Governance Manager, Sport England.

Website: www.sportsgovernanceacademy.org.uk

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