Dr Katie Shearn

Senior Research Fellow
Sheffield Hallam University

I am actively involved in research and supervision at both Sheffield Hallam University and in collaboration with other universities. Most of my projects include a realist methodology component and I have contributed methodological advancements in peer-reviewed journal articles and at international conferences.

1) Sexual health and wellbeing for young people. This includes advising on policy and conducting research on positive sexuality, sexuality education and services for sexual wellbeing. I have contributed to national policy as well as peer reviewed publications and conference presentations. I am interested in the application of the Capabilities Approach as a framework to support young people’s sexual health and general wellbeing.

2) Living well with HIV. This emerging research area acknowledges that people with HIV who are adherent to treatment can live longer lives but often with a range of comorbidities and ill mental health. This programme of work would investigate new models of health care and community led interventions to support people living with HIV to have the best possible quality of life.

3) Whole-systems transformations. In collaboration with local stakeholders I have developed realist informed theory and evaluation frameworks for transforming systems and processes to support community-led, assets-based or person-centred systems.

My academic career builds on the successes of a 13 year career in contract social and marketing research where I was responsible for large scale and high profile research projects for clients including the Department of Health and Social Care and the Wellcome Trust.

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