Eve Holt

Strategic Director for GM Moving

Eve Holt, is a Strategic Director at GreaterSport, the Active Partnership for Greater Manchester, providing strategic leadership for GM Moving, Greater Manchester’s movement for movement.

Working with people and partners across the system, to include transport, planning, health, policy, VCSE and political spheres.

Eve describes herself as a system convenor, who enjoys bringing people and partners together, in all their diversity, for collective reimagining and action. She is passionate about the role of active travel in enabling active, sustainable, joyful lives for all and in creating streets and places where all can thrive.

Eve is also a Manchester Councillor, community activist and occasional poet.  Raised on the back of a tandem, she has spent much of her life walking and cycling the streets of Greater Manchester, often with children in tow.   She a trained cycling instructor, founder of The Bike Hive, convenor of the Our Streets partnership and active supporter of Chorlton Bike Deliveries.


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