Matt Roebuck

Healthy Place Shaping Partner
Active Oxfordshire

Matt Roebuck is the Healthy Place Shaping Partner for Oxfordshire. Healthy Place Shaping is an Oxfordshire approach to create sustainable, well designed and thriving communities where all residents are supported to live healthier and happier lives.

Matt’s role sees him seconded from Active Oxfordshire into the county’s district and city councils to support them to adopt a complex systems perspective and connect work across the three branches of Healthy Place Shaping: community activation, the built environment and new models of care. Starting with what’s strong, Matt seeks to connect people and ideas that make the most of local assets to ‘Protect the NHS’ from the growth and impact of chronic diseases that are not passed person to person — heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and cancer — and to do so with an inequalities focus seeking to reduce the barriers some people face in accessing healthier choices, be they cultural, physical, social or economic.

Matt is also a current Churchill Fellow, exploring the adaptation of sport for the city, and the built environment to support physical activity as The Active Urbanist.

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