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Active Partnerships are tasked with contributing to the challenging goal set out in the Government and Sport England strategies of reducing inactivity levels, especially among under-represented groups, and contributing to the 5 social outcomes. To do this, there is an increasing recognition based on learning that no single intervention or organisation can achieve real and lasting change. To make progress requires ‘collaborative leadership’, brave and enlightened mindsets and behaviours, seeking to work across organisational boundaries to develop and achieve common goals.

‘Collaborative Leadership’ is the central theme of this year’s event and will be different to the previous Active Partnerships Conventions, specifically in its format – read the event blog for more details. The event has been designed and will be run in partnership with Collaborate CIC, a not-for-profit consultancy and research organisation, working with cross-sector partners across the UK to develop the relationships, culture, leadership and infrastructure needed to enable collaborative social change. Taking learning from events such as The Power of Place, the event will be highly participatory for individuals, and will explore….

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