Repository Convention 2020

Active Partnerships E-Convention 2020 – Creating the Conditions for an Active Nation

Keynote Presentations

Learning Workshops

Becoming a backbone organisation for a social movement – Wednesday 1st April, 1 – 2.15pm

Building a Learning Culture –
Tuesday 21st April, 1.30 – 2.30pm

Mental health in Sport and Physical Activity –
Wednesday 22nd April, 2 – 3.30pm

Navigating the Social Prescribing Agenda: A Spotlight on the role Active Partnerships are playing-  – Thursday 30th April, 10 – 11am

Engaging the inactive: Creating the conditions for inclusive activity – Wednesday 6 May 2-3pm

Tackling Inactivity by Design – Thurday 7 May 11-12.30pm

Leadership in tough times: how systems leadership can help you? – Monday 11th May, 2 – 3pm

Health and Active Ageing: Embedding physical activity for the 55+ age groups into local health systems – Thursday 14th May, 10-11am

Tackling inactivity by embracing software

Modeshift STARS Active Sustainable Travel