Activity Challenge

In the spirit of collaboration, and to ensure that we practice what we preach in terms of incorporating activity into our daily lives, we thought it would be good fun to set up an Activity Challenge during the 2 weeks of the E-Convention.

Our collective goal is to log 3345Km – this is the distance required to travel on a continuous route that connects all Active Partnerships – see map, and thank you Energize STW for the route!. All activities will contribute to this combined total.

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In the spirit of competition, there will also be a leader board for the most active Partnership (an average total will be taken so smaller partnerships are not penalised), and teams can be made up of 3-25 people.

Please sign up and get involved following the simple steps below;

  • Add a team – please use your Active Partnership name (or join an existing team if another colleague has already set it up for your Partnership) 

 To register your activity

  • Click ‘Log Activity’ when you have completed your daily activity
  • Or you can connect your account to Strava, fitbit or Googefit by clicking on dashboard next to your name and following instructions
  • Please share any photos of yourself being active on twitter tagging in @ActivePartners_

The challenge will run from Monday 16 March until Friday 26 March 2021.

If you have any questions or issues please get in touch with Nicki

Good Luck!