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  • This theme is about exploring what it means to think through a systems lens, and to understand the particular system you are trying to influence; the mindsets and approaches suited to exercising leadership in this context; and your role in leading change.
  • *There is a natural build between modules 1, 2 and 3 and therefore these will be bundled together when booking.
  • This theme is about developing the skills and behaviours you need to become more effective in creating systemic change.
  • *Before accessing any of the ‘skills sessions’ we would expect you to attend the live learning session or watch the recorded on-demand version of module 4 to give you a good basic knowledge.
  • Systems leadership is a team game. With this in mind, in this theme we will shift our focus from the personal towards the organisational and systemic, and understand what is needed to take sustained collaborative action.
  • Learning is a critical driver of change in complex systems, at the personal, organisational and systemic levels. In this final module we will explore both the importance of learning habits and culture, and how to measure impact without distorting performance.

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