Uniting the Movement Together

Date: Mon 15th March

Active Partnerships tackling racism and racial inequality

Date: Tues 16th March 9-11am

Connecting with the health system: Understanding the health system, building meaningful relationships and aligning and integrating physical activity for shared ambitions

Date: Wed 17th March 10-12pm

The role of the sport & physical activity sector in relation to economic recovery and economic growth – are we punching below our weight?

Date: Thurs 18th March 1.30-3pm

People Power - Our story of people leading change

Fri 19th March 10-11.30am

Sport & physical activity in the era of climate change – are we in extra time already?

Date: Mon 22nd March 3 – 5pm

What is relevant to measure and how do we do it together?

Tuesday 23 March, 1.30pm-3.30pm.

Live Longer Better: ‘Liberation after Vaccination’

Date: Wed 24th March 10 – 11.45am

Rethinking governance? Building better future boards as we focus beyond compliance

Date: Wed 24th March 3-5pm